Nutrifill/Tangible Clean Bundle (2 month supply)

Receive 2 cartons of Nutrifill and 1 bottle of Tangible Clean for a special price of $79.50 (discount automatically applies)!

Nutrifill is a preservative free contact lens insertion solution designed for scleral lens wearers and the wearers of hybrid and gas permeable contact lenses.  

Tangible® Clean from Tangible Science® is a multi-purpose contact lens solution that cleans, rinses, disinfects, stores, and conditions your contact lenses. Tangible Clean is compatible for use with any contact lens including RGP, scleral, hybrid, and soft. 

  • Two cartons of Nutrifill will contain 70 single-use 10ml ampoules. 
  • One 12oz bottle of Tangible Clean typically lasts 2 months and includes a lens case.

Please refer to your package insert for complete instructions for use.