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Remove the stress from ordering and running out of solution

Whether you wear scleral lenses, hybrid or gas permeable contact lenses running out of solution is not a nice experience. Without insertion solutions like Nutrifill you can't wear your lenses or enjoy the day.

By joining Nutrifill's 3-month subscription you will be shipped 3 cartons (105 ampoules) every 12 weeks, saving $15 plus Free Expedited FedEx Shipping.

Ensure your contact lens routine doesn't alter again with a 3-month subscription. 

3-Month Supply - a $15 Savings!
3-Month Supply - a $15 Savings!

3-Month Supply - a $15 Savings!

11/19/2020 UPDATE - - New inventory expected Tuesday November 24th, 2020


***SHIPPING DELAY *** Any orders placed on or after November 6th may be delayed from our warehouse by up to 7 business days. 


As there are no preservatives in Nutrifill it has a shorter shelf life. So to make sure you always receive the freshest supply of solution, we recommend ordering NO MORE than a 3-month supply at one time.

A patented, solution formulated to solve the problem of not being able to provide the proper amount of nutrients to your cornea while wearing your lenses and to help support a healthy ocular surface.

Saves $15.00, plus FREE Expedited FedEx Shipping


Highest Grade Water

Starting with medical grade purified water at the highest standards provides for ultra-pure water; free of bacteria, viruses, spores, parasites and chemicals.


A perfect ionically balanced formula with natural tear ionicity. A pH of 7.4 and an osmolality of 300.

5 Electrolytes

The medical grade water is balanced with 5 optimized electrolyte concentrations, not just for your safety but to better support a healthy ocular surface.

Preservative Free

Finally, Nutrifill is preservative free to further support the ocular surface. Fresher solution also means shorter shelf life.